Shifting into 2010

Shifting into 2010, for me, has been shifting into high gear.  If there was hype about the end of a decade and the beginning of the next one, I somehow missed it.  It only sunk in on the waning days of 2009.  What I haven’t missed is the promise, potential and energy that is bubbling like crazy around 2010.

It is captured most magically by this You Tube video from Sedona.  It is not that I think all of the predictions in this will come true as much as I believe in the expansiveness, potentiality and hopefulness that this conveys – elements that I believe are positively influencing the shifting shape of the world right now.  It is the kind of world I am living into, influencing and shaping in the work I do, the way I live my life and how I show up in relationships.

I am extraordinarily blessed to be on this journey in supportive relationships, communities of practice and with guidance from spirit.  Bring it on.  Bring it all on!

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