MAKE IT COUNT One-on-One and Team Coaching

MAKE IT COUNT Leadership and Life Coaching                                                         

Everyday you use your voice. Do you MAKE IT COUNT?  Do you draw on your gifts and talents in a way that is meaningful, purposeful and relevant? Are your actions intentional and aligned with your purpose and your  passion?  Are you vibrantly alive in your journey or marking days off on the calendar?

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In what ways and places do you make the following count:

  • Your passion
  • Your voice
  • Your actions
  • Your life
  • Your journey
  • Your gifts
  • Your relationships

In what ways would you like to Make It (any of it) Count more?

Generate more powerful results  at work, in your team, your community and in your life through individual and/or team coaching.

Create a work/life plan using an adaptive, iterative framework.

Illuminate invisible patterns and unspoken dynamics behind stuck issues or persistent challenges by mapping the “system” they are part of and then developing strategy to address the intervention points.

Discern the difference between problems that can be solved and dynamics (or polarities) to be managed, identifying related strategies that will serve to generate more powerful results.

04 - Day One Fredericton Jan 2013

Some Coaching Testimonials

“Kathy helped me build my capacity to see challenges, opportunities and situations differently. My ability to tackle complex problems with clarity and purpose has grown immensely due to my time with her. My productivity and effectiveness has also increased because of my capacity to see what matters and ‘park’ everything else.” Senior Leader, Dalhousie University

” I’ve been on a quest to find my path through the challenges that have been presented in my life. I’ve always known that I have a need to connect with people and have a positive impact on those around me, but recently it seems like my vision is becoming clearer and clearer, and I can see how I can navigate and create an opportunity that will fulfill so much of what I need right now. Kathy was really there with me during such a difficult part of my journey. Although our meetings were maybe not so typical of most of her clients, I know that there was a reason that we met, and how I really needed the support and guidance she gave me.” Creative artist, social entreprenuer

As a personal and professional leadership coach, Kathy challenges, inspires, motivates and re-shapes. She put me in touch with what drives me, what creates obstacles and how to overcome them, while generating a clear and achievable vision as an individual and an organizational leader, aligning values with goals and with the work. By boldly and creatively digging, nurturing and encouraging, Kathy is able to grow and harvest one’s full potential, and help turn this into strength and success at an individual and organizational level.”  Senior Association Executive, Halifax

For more information, to see if MAKE IT COUNT coaching is right for you, contact Kathy at or fill in this form.

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