Consulting Services

At Shape Shift Strategies Inc, we believe one of the most important decisions your organization, community or business will make is the selection of who will serve as your consultant for an organizational staff or Board convening or retreat, planning processes or public activity. Shape Shift Strategies staff and Partners are skilled at convening or hosting all types of meetings or events where people come together for dialogue to address issues of concern or opportunity. We provide a full range of services including complete meeting planning (logistics, structure/agenda, invitations, etc.), convening/hosting of the meeting and follow-up, including reports and harvest.

Board & Staff Retreats

We are highly experienced at hosting organization Board and/or staff retreats, including mission and vision affirmation or review, board governance, strategic plan review and update, team building among Board members, staff members or joint Board-staff team building. We are experienced in hosting ½ day, full day and multi-day retreats.

Strategic Planning,Operational and Business Planning

Shape Shift Strategies offers a range of options for conducting strategic planning for your organization or business including: a Current Status Scan that sets a baseline for the work to be done; Dialogues with Board members, employees, or stakeholders that the Institute co-hosts with the leadership of a community, business or organization in order to bring all their creativity and wisdom into the strategic planning process; and development, in collaboration with a core planning team, of a clear Strategic Action Plan.

Stakeholder Dialogues & Community Engagement

Shape Shift Strategies and partners can provide your business, organization, or community with a program of engagement that brings stakeholders from all walks of life and potentially disparate views into creative, constructive conversations about issues of importance to you. The conversations offer clients, constituents, customers, citizens and residents the opportunity to speak openly and without fear, be listened to authentically and respectfully, and leave feeling a connection to or ownership in the outcomes of their conversation.

Board or Staff Communications – including internal conflicts or team dynamics

Shape Shift Strategies is skilled at working with teams or organizations that want to improve team communication and cohesion, including those that have bumped into challenges or dynamics that get in the way of getting work done. We can offer new frameworks and strategies to shift dynamics, refocus the team and move everyone forward at the same time.