Partners and Collaborators – International and Local

The joy of being an independent consultant in a network of colleagues is the ability to be nimble, flexible and responsive to opportunities and client needs – small and large – without substantial overhead.  Shape Shift Strategies Inc. is honoured to have a variety of partners locally and internationally. A few of them are featured on this partner page.

Jerry Nagel

Jerry Nagel



Jerry Nagel, Meadowlark Institute, Minnesota, USA







Carolann Wright-Parks

Carolann Wright-Park

Carolann Wright-Parks, Director, Restorative Inquiry – Nova Scotia Home for Coloured Children, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada



Bob-E Simpson-Epps

Bob-E Simpson-Epps



Barbara (Bob-e) Simpson-Epps, Minnesota, USA



Dave Ellis casual - Version 2




Dave Ellis, Minnesota, USA



Michelle Coleman and John Coleman, Fall River Yoga Centre, NS Canada

John Coleman

John Coleman

Michelle Murton

Michelle Coleman









Karen Kelloway

Karen Kelloway


Karen Kelloway, Executive Coach and author of Nail-It: 6 Steps to Transform your Career, Halifax, NS Canada






Amanda Hachey Pic 2013

Amanda Hachey



Amanda Hachey, New Brunswick




Susan MacLeod


Susan MacLeod, Graphic Facilitation



Ryan Deschamps



Ryan Deschamps, Policy Analyst



Stephen Duns

Stephen Duns



Stephen Duns,  Melbourne, Australia





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