Leading, Managing and Living with Purpose, Passion and Adaptive Strategy

the magic is in youYour voice matters.   MAKE IT COUNT!

It counts most when you act in alignment with your inner wisdom and through small acts of courage every day.  

MAKE IT COUNT coaching support might be right for you if you:

  • Have a new position
  • Have a new or ongoing challenge
  • Are engaged in a change initiative you want to navigate                           strategically and intentionally

MAKE IT COUNT coaching support offers the following:

  • Leadership and/or Life Planning Framework to MAKE IT COUNT in the reality of your work and/or life experience
  • Adaptive strategy approaches for leading others and managing dynamic tensions (polarities)
  • Strategies for addressing conversations you need to have to generate more success with and for those you lead, influence and impact

MAKE IT COUNT coaching support – for when you discover the plan is not a straight path.


Before, During and After MAKE IT COUNT Coaching Support

Before MAKE IT COUNTCoaching

Not every coaching program is a good fit, nor is every relationship suited to providing the best support.  You want to be sure this program is for you and I want to be sure you are a good fit for this coaching practice.  You will be provided with a short reflection guide.  Your responses will up us discern the mutuality of this potential coaching relationship.

It is a prerequisite to beginning.

During MAKE IT COUNT Coaching Support

Through coaching you will:

  • Gain clarity about what’s important and what requires your attention through mapping your plan
  • Map the system(s) you are part of to see interrelationships more clearly, illuminate invisible dynamics or blind spots and identify strategies to work your plan in an adaptive and resilient way
  • Develop adaptive strategy capacity for resilience, responsiveness and stability
  • Better frame and engage conversations that matter, professionally and personally, even when difficult or challenging

Two distinct phases of MAKE IT COUNT coaching support, one to create the plan and identify your own coaching deliverables and one to embed new patterns of behavior and create self accountability mechanisms.  Either or both phases are iterative and repeatable.

To learn more contact Kathy at Kathy@ShapeShiftStrategies.com

“The more time I spend with you, the more I see your grace, balance  and courage in the work and in your manner. I watched people and the group as a whole being held by you in individual conversations and in your teaches.” – Linette, Melbourne, Australia

“Thank you for asking me about my story and for sacredly holding the container of my telling a bit of it – I have not told it to anyone in many many years (I don’t know that I even ever have told ‘my story’). It was so out of the blue and felt quite natural.”  – Sharon, Nova Scotia


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