Worldview Awareness: Transforming Differences Into Progress – Nov 5 & 6, 2014 – St. Paul, MN

Building connectedness in a 21st Century world of highly divergent perspectives, experiences and cultures to work and learn together more effectively

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Each of us has a worldview. It impacts how we see and interact with the world, events, situations and other people.  Our Worldviews influence our communication, decision-making and workplace cultures.  Most of this happens unconsciously.  Worldview awareness helps us explore individual and collective assumptions, beliefs and value systems with curiosity and non-judgment. This opens the potential for more comprehensive approaches and solutions to emerge on a range of issues and opportunities, including those that might be mildly oppositional to completely divisive to seemingly unsolvable.

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What is the Practice of Worldview Awareness?

As a leadership practice, Worldview Awareness offers individuals, organizations and communities the skills and ability to work with and hold different and multiple worldviews simultaneously.  This includes:

  • Awareness of your own worldview and learning about, acknowledging and appreciating other perspectives or worldviews
  • Navigation of encounters with differing perspectives to find new ways forward on matters of shared interest or concern or to resolve conflict
  • Cultural agility in a range of settings that allows us to advance many interests at the same time
  • Practices that raise awareness of beliefs and assumptions we each hold
  • A framework or guide for ongoing individual and collective worldview exploration, more creative problem solving

Would you like alternative approaches to any of the following scenarios:

  • Debate in meetings or public gatherings so loud nobody is listening for what’s really going on?
  • Diversity or equity training not delivering the results you expected?
  • Silos still existing in your organization despite your efforts to tear them down?

Experiencing and understanding the transformative power of worldview awareness often leads to more creative solutions to the human dynamics challenges we routinely encounter in all kinds of places.

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Where Worldview Awareness Has Been and Can Be Applied

  • Client, public and community engagement opportunities where inviting and hearing a wide range of perspectives in an atmosphere of mutual respect generates more comprehensive approaches and solutions
  • Customer service, particularly if you serve a diverse customer base
  • Intergenerationally – in the work force, in educational environments and in our social systems
  • Increasing cultural agility – understanding a variety of perspectives originating from different cultural experiences and backgrounds, especially around questions of equity in organizations, government or social systems
  • In situations where you, your company, your community are willing to be curious about both your own worldview(s) and the worldview(s) of those you interact with to advance organizational objectives or community issues


During these two workshops, you will:

  • Learn more about worldview, what it is, how it is shaped and how it influences dynamics at work, in our social systems and relationships
  • Become aware of ways to invite and engage other worldviews more fully into conversations, organizations or social systems
  • Explore how to draw on the power of worldview awareness in business development, customer service, employee retention and recruitment and addressing divisive or contentious issues across ideological divides

1) Exploration of Worldview Awareness as a Personal Leadership Practice – November 5, 2014 9:00 am – 4:30 pm

The willingness to bring curiosity and non-judgment to understanding worldviews and how they impact our lives and the lives of people we interact with is a personal   leadership practice. In this day we will:

  • Explore your worldview, how it was formed and how it influences your relationships and communication
  • Look at how systems thinking influences the development and perpetuation of our worldviews
  • Examine the neuroscience behind our physiological   responses, learn to recognize triggers and identify how to use this information in helpful ways to expand or shift worldview(s)
  • Understand how storytelling influences our worldviews and use reflective listening practices to expand     

2) Exploration of Organizational/Community Worldview Awareness: Patterns and Practices for Progress – November 6, 2014 9:00am – 4:30 pm

Organizational worldview awareness is essential when there are differences of opinions, belief or value systems or if your role requires you to work with distinctly different worldviews in client interactions, internally with staff or in policy development. Building on Day 1, we will:

  • Use Systems Thinking to uncover organizational breakthrough points made possible through worldview awareness
  • Explore how an organization’s worldview impacts its internal operations and external relationships
  • Identify and explore how to bring in organizational practices that welcome multiple worldview perspectives
  • Grow understanding of generative processes that build creativity and innovation in work and community settings

(NOTE: You can only register for Day 2 if you register for and attend Day 1)

Hosting Team

Kathy Jourdain, Jerry Nagel and Dave Ellis

Aaron McKenzie Fraser - photographer -

Kathy Jourdain

Jerry Nagel

Dave Ellis casual - Version 2

Dave Ellis


“People’s stories here today have influenced my worldview, reinforcing the importance of understanding the other other person and their worldview. Worldview awareness is a wonderful doorway through which to initiate the conversation. If you can’t get to the conversation, you can’t get to the change.”  Social change agent, Provincial Government

“This day reinforced the need to have people explore their own thoughts and opinions rather than telling them what they need to change. People don’t always have the opportunity to be in that exploration.” Long term Diversity Practitioner

“It’s been a helpful day. I feel very validated in my current practice – which for me is heart work not training.  I love the worldview approach and have many new trinkets to take away to apply in my work.” Diversity Officer, Higher Education

“I am more ready to ask more questions to try to go deeper in understanding of the issues and challenges we face.” Diversity Officer, Municipal Government

 “I came in frazzled looking for the magic bullet to questions I’ve been carrying alone for six years and I am now connected into a community engaged in this work. I have lots more questions but am optimistic there is another approach – through worldview awareness.” Social change agent at an NGO

 “I walked in with some assumptions that proved wrong. One day is not enough. I work in isolation in an interesting system. Starting a conversation with a different entry point might help me impact change in the system.” Employment equity officer in a public organization

Registration Details and Workshop Location:

$295.00 for Day 1 or $495.00 for both days  (includes a light lunch and any resource materials)

Register through Meadowlark Institute at

Location: Wellstone Center, 179 Robie Street East, St. Paul, MN

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