Shape Shift Strategies Inc. Consulting , Training and Coaching Offerings

Consulting Services

At Shape Shift Strategies Inc, we believe one of the most important decisions your organization, community or business will make is the selection of who will serve as your consultant for an organizational staff or Board convening or retreat, planning processes or public activity. Shape Shift Strategies staff and Partners are skilled at convening or hosting all types of meetings or events where people come together for dialogue to address issues of concern or opportunity. We provide a full range of services if needed, including complete meeting planning (logistics, structure/agenda, invitations, etc.), convening/hosting of the meeting and follow-up, including reports and harvest.

Training and Workshop Offerings

And, at Shape Shift Strategies we believe that investing time and financial resources in training for staff and Board members can make a difference in your business or organization’s productivity, creativity, internal and external communications, customer satisfaction, community relationships, and more. We offer a range of programs, and we have worked in culturally specific circumstances, that can be tailored to your specific needs and outcomes.

Make-It-Count One-on-One or Team Coaching

Everyday you use your voice. Do you MAKE IT COUNT?  Do you draw on your gifts and talents in a way that is meaningful, purposeful and relevant? Are your actions intentional and aligned with your purpose and your  passion?  Are you vibrantly alive in your journey or marking days off on the calendar? Check out our coaching programs and see what lines up for you.

5 thoughts on “Shape Shift Strategies Inc. Consulting , Training and Coaching Offerings

  1. This ended up being totally amazing and we are already thinking about the timing of the next offering in Nova Scotia. Little tweaks to days that required precision of design. Each day was powerful in its own right and, even though they were separate days, they were interconnected. Such a joy to see how practical and grounded each of the days were. Excited to see how our experiment with them deepens as we do more. Excited to be in good work with Michelle Murton, John Coleman and Jerry Nagel.

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