Work and the Sacred – Distinct and Separate or Whole and Integrated?

The birth of Shape Shift Strategies Inc. has been truly inspired.  In the midst of this transition in my life and work, it became clear to me that I would be letting go of Chrysalis and of Co-Creating Futures and leaving them with my business partner and that this was absolutely the right thing to do.

As I let this go, the name Shape Shift came, unbidden, with ease, on a flight to Colorado on my way to an Art of Hosting training and a vision quest.  Both the company name and the look for the company have been universally well received as I speak them or hand out business cards.  It resonates with people and it reverberates as people carry it away and contemplate it.

Shape Shift has a practical quality – how do we want to intentionally shift the shape of our own world rather than be a passive recipient.  The shape of individuals, teams and organizations literally shifts as people bring intentionality and purpose to everything they do.  Some would argue intentionality and purpose border on the spiritual.

I know Shape Shift also has a spiritual quality.  It has its own essence beyond anything that I personally bring to it.  Every now and then I feel that I glimpse a bit of its possible future and I am surprised by the potentiality that exists.

It also has a spiritual quality because it is born out of my own spiritual journey – a journey that has dominated my life path in the last couple of years.  Some would say I am a Shape Shifter.  Some days I might even say that.

The largest question I have been sitting with the last few months is how to bring my spiritual path and my work path together…. and still have credibility, and still make a livelihood … as if they are two separate and distinct things and that acknowledging the sacred will somehow be an impediment in some of the client work I do.  Then a good friend thoughtfully said to me, “I think you are making a distinction where none exists.”

Hmmmm.  Powerful.  Nice pause.  Deep breath.  You are making a distinction where none exists!

I have brought this thought, this awareness into quite a few conversations over the last two months.  I am beginning to speak these things out loud, publicly.  I am in a community of practice with people who are also exploring this question and beginning to speak it out loud – or just to practice it by showing up in the sacredness of who they are and the magic they bring to people, places and things.

What if the essence of who we are, the work we do in the world and the sacred are not all separate things but that we have been making distinctions where none exist?  Imagine if we intentionally bring a sense of seamlessness and integration around work and the sacred EVERYWHERE, all the time, and people understood it to be normal rather than an edgy conversation!  Imagine the sense of harmony and ease we would bring into all the places we touch.  Every time we do this, we bring a bit more healing to ourselves and others.

What does the world need right now?  Healing.  Where do we start – or where am I starting?  With what I used to think of as an edgy topic in some settings – by intentionally bringing the sacred – and magic – into everything I do and every place I go.  Will you join me?

8 thoughts on “Work and the Sacred – Distinct and Separate or Whole and Integrated?

  1. Thank you Kathy.

    This reflects some of my own thinking and you’ve expressed beautifully and with more depth than I could.

  2. Very nice! And so you… You have expressed the reason I could not continue to work at my last place of employment. I just never found the right words before.

    • This I have been hearing – that I have articulated what a number of people have been feeling but unable to put into words. It is both gratifying and encouraging as embodying this and bringing it more visibly to the world is part of what it is that is mine to do.

  3. Dear Kathy,
    thank you so much for your post!!!

    Since you shared it at the AoH list, I toke it to my reading list… so today just between a project witch this issue is very important I read it!
    We receive a new call from AfroReggae, and my thinking is about to best way to do it, and I am figuring that this “integration” between sacred and the work is the way!
    Fantastic synchronicity!!!
    Thank´s a lot!

    Hope to meet you soon!
    brazilian hugs,

    • Dear Maria,

      Thank you for your comments. I’m so glad you find them useful and pertinent to this very important work you are doing in Brazil. I’ve enjoyed watching the Art of Hosting listserve discussion too. I am planning to continue these kinds of discussions everywhere I go. I do see a trip to Brazil in my future but I’m not sure when. Hugs back and to Tamara too, Kathy

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