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The shape of the world is shifting. It is constantly shifting but never more so than now.  We can be passive recipients of the impact of these shifts in the world or we can become active participants in shaping the future of the things that are near and dear to our hearts.

I take this to heart in my life.  The shape of my world is shifting and transitioning once again.  My husband and I, also business partners, have decided that our journey together is complete.  We have consciously and intentionally decided it is time to separate personally and business wise.  This is easy for me to say now, but much of the journey leading up to this point, like many transitions, was not so easy.  It became easier when I could finally reach a place of fully appreciating the gifts of the relationship – of which there were many.  They get lost sometimes in the pain of transition or even just the pain of being in relationship together when does not work the way you hoped or dreamed.

Then there is that great line from the Rolling Stones song – “You can’t always get what you want, and if you try sometime, you find you get what you need.”  I definitely got what I needed.

My journey over the last decade or so has led to a birthing process.  I am birthing the second half of my life.  In these early days of the second half of my life, I am claiming the following purpose: from this place of deep rootedness to my spiritual lineages, I boldly bring my healing gifts to the shifting shape of the work and the regeneration of  its people.

The second thing I am giving birth to is this new company: Shape Shift Strategies Inc.  It is the entity through which I will bring my gifts to the world.  It feels like it is an entity unto itself that will shift into its own shape over time.  It wanted to be born and I am excited to give it life.

This blog will be used to comment on the shifting shape of the world – my world, the world, worlds I work in, am connected to or interested in – worlds that are near and dear to my heart.  Things, people, issues that I want to bring notice or intentionality to – places where I intend to be an active participant in the shifting shape of the world.

15 thoughts on “Welcome to my Shape Shift Blog

  1. Kathy –
    your words throught he AoH listserve and now reading your various posts on your blog are truly inspiring! I love your description of your parting of the ways with your partner – what clarity and spirit of generosity! And I love your question what if the essence of who we are, the work we do in the world and the sacred are not all separate things but that we have been making distinctions where none exist?
    Right on!
    Thank you for sharing!

    • Bert, thank you so much for this. Your comments touch my heart and show me what it is I am portraying in my writing – I write when moved, from the heart and in service of the path I walk. Kathy

  2. Hi Kathy,

    Found your new website and enjoyed browsing. Smiled at your company name; I seem to recall you were a bit of a StarTrek fan, but if not, there is a character, Odo, who is a “shape shifter”. He is able to “become” – at least physically – anything he chooses to be including pure energy instantly. Lucky him. I think for some of us the challenge is to live graciously with the uncertainty and maybe even terror that “shape shifting” can cause. Sarah and I wish you much success.

  3. Thank you for introducing me to this site. I find it to be a logical extension to the “you” that I perceived in your writings. IMHO, we all have the ability to shift the way we are perceived. The moment we realize that it can be done, we are able to. I say this without intending to imply that this ability is to be used to “fool” people or to manipulate. In its purest form, it is taking on the essences of something else in order to better connect with someone/something…to better communicate….to help them reach a comfort level with us so that meaningful conversations can happen. I’m looking forward to many interactions as we all move toward where we are going. Best wishes on your new adventure…

    • Thanks for the best wishes. I think this is the most clarity I have ever had in my life. I agree with your comments about Shape Shifting and I think as we practice “shape shifting” we actually learn more about our selves and in the process show up with greater personal presence with others. Most of the time we are trying to conform to the shape(s) we think we should or we think others expect of us instead of shifting inside of our own experience and bringing more of our essence to the communication.

  4. Hey Lady

    A year + off the grid…. I too am taking some time to figure out what to do at this point. Lots of sickness in the family at this time. Nice to see that you are moving forward. I think and your boys often. Hope to speak soon.


  5. Kathy,
    Your recent post on resilience led me to peruse your blog, again. As usual, I came across your descriptions of insights that speak to me. Standing in the “Fire” of those emotions that trigger the “Flight Response”, remaining present and having the fear forged into courage is an experience that I have had, but need more of.

    My neighbor rang my doorbell today, twice. He asked in an excited state for my midwife wife, who is today training midwife tutors in Ethiopia. Cars have come and gone, and I think he has now taken his daughters to see their new sibling. Birth.

    The name for my venture to unify my spiritual progress and my work, removing the difference without a distinction, came to me in a memorable manner. Years ago I was climbing up a familiar wooded ravine to my semi-weekly 12-Step men’s group. Body warmed up, heart working with vigor, and breathing deep. It was autumn, as the only remaining green leaves were the ones on the top of the canopy that got full sun and the understory was opening. Paused to stand on a steel sewer manhole cover to enjoy the moment and the setting. It came to me, One Watershed Land Services. “What is the acronym?”, I asked myself. I counted out four fingers O-W-L-S.

    I would ask you to join me, but the journey has been painfully slow. Even thinking about it now I feel the fire, and want to step back.

    • Thank you Jonathan for sharing some of your beautiful story here. Life is a journey, not a straight line. The beauty of it to me (one of them anyway) is the ability to continually deepen the journey. Although sometimes it appears we have traveled this way already, we come to it from a new place. Words I also need reminding of from time to time.

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