Use Your Contrasting Thoughts to Strategize and Problem Solve

There are times when you need to figure something out, to come up with a response to something, someone, a situation. If that situation is distressing you because of other people or their actions, you might have noticed that there … Continue reading

Princess Stories of Conflict: Rescuing Yourself

It is really easy to get people to agree to the idea that they would prefer their relationship or their interactions to be different and better – preferably if the other person changes! As much as you may think differently, the other person has no more interest in perpetuating the stress and anxiety that goes along with the conflict than you do. As you take charge of the situation and take the initial steps to a new form of relationship, you begin the process of transformation. Continue reading

The New Year: A Time of Renewal

December 31. 2014. The sun sets on another calendar year. For so many, a time of making resolutions for a new year. Reflecting on this practice raises an awareness of the arbitrariness of a calendar date in making resolutions. It is … Continue reading

Six Simple Guidelines for 21st Century Leaders

The 21st Century is calling us as leaders to build connectedness in a world of highly divergent cultures, experiences and perspectives, to learn and work together more effectively. Often, less is more. Continue reading

Conflict Resolution: The Allure of the Role of the Prince

When you find yourself in the role of the Prince, consider the allure for you and the motivation for being in the role so you don’t inadvertently turn yourself into a different kind of Princess – someone who always has other people’s problems dumped on you. Continue reading

Princess Stories – A Key to Conflict Resolution

The answers to conflict resolution can be pretty easy. Opening up to them is the hard part. They are contained in the stories we tell. If we can allow ourselves to listen to our own stories with a more discerning ear, we may be able to penetrate to the heart of the conflict more easily. Continue reading

Not Enough Time

Seven suggestions on how to MAKE your time COUNT in those moments when it feels like there is not enough time. Continue reading

The Importance of Resilience and How to Cultivate It – 10 Principles Overview

Resilience is the ability to find the inner strength to bounce back from a set back or challenge, to recover quickly from illness, change or misfortune and it is your sense of knowing that you have the resources and abilities to handle anything that comes your way. For many of us, this does not come easy. It comes with having survived and navigated many different curves in the road – some when we imagined we must have been through enough already. Continue reading

Lessons from Learning Like A Dolphin

In a short period of time, experiential learning can provide key insights into life and work that help us make sense of our experiences. These quick illuminations provide a basis for reflection and understanding that is more powerful because it … Continue reading